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Large file sharing

Our dedicated upload facility has been rendered unnecessary by the advent of Dropbox and similar services.

This service lets you copy your important files to a folder on your PC (or other internet-connected device) and then syncs these files to any other of your devices that have dropbox installed.

If  you upload a file you want us (or anyone else) to have, you can visit dropbox in your browser and get a private link to send to a recipient. They can then click on the link and download the file.

And of course we can send files back to you in the same way.

See what the free Dropbox service can do for you here.

Support numbers

Please note that our own hosting service* has ceased. Therefore, if you have a support issue relating to the non-availability of your web site and/or email service, you will need to phone your supplier’s support number direct.

If you are now hosted by 1and1, call 0333 336 5691. 1and1 are now part of IONOS.

You will need your account number and password. All clients that we transferred have had these sent to them, but if  you cannot find yours, text us on 07778 482030. We will email our response to your registered address.

If we did not set up your new hosting account, we will not have the information you require. Please visit your supplier’s own web site for the support number.


2019: Most of our clients have moved on to more modern web technologies, and we are not undertaking new commissions ourselves.

Regretfully, we are not now able to amend your web site or deal with email boxes and forwards etc. This is simply because, having now properly retired, we cannot afford the necessary software upgrades etc.

*Hosting is the provision of a server where your web site files are stored so they can be accessed by the public through the internet, and the provision of a server through which you can send and receive email messages.