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David, what can I say, you have been brilliant to work with, and I value all you have  done for Premier over the  years. Many thanks for your commitment and dedication


The other key issue for our continued use of David's time  is he keeps within our budget! I wholeheartedly recommend David's services  for any Internet needs you  may have now or in the future.


As a large voluntary, national organisation we have been extremely pleased with the website David has produced for us. He has constantly updated it for us and liaised  over changes we wanted. Nothing has been too much trouble for David and he has been happy to accommodate our requests even at short notice. It has certainly been value for money.

Lynne Barrie ADINJC Chairman

David has been building web sites for over twenty years now - how times have changed since we began ...

All our commissions have been by word-of-mouth recommendation. We think that speaks for itself. Our client portfolio used to demonstrate a range of styles which was constantly developing. Now it just contains a few sites we built that haven’t as far we know moved on yet!

In the old days (the very old days) David started out as a journalist. After some years he trained for teaching, gained a B.Ed from Lancaster University and then worked in primary education with 5-8 year-olds in Kent and Milton Keynes, the last ten years as headteacher of a local first school.

Then a heart attack in 1995 told him it was time to move on. Now, while supposedly running a school he was also a secret Sinclair QL tinkerer. Actually, the school's admin records were kept on one for a while, so it wasn't much of a secret.

In '95, Bill Gates kindly allowed us to have long file names in Windows 95, so David made the switch. While waiting for and recovering from a heart bypass operation, he was determined to stay in touch electronically, so signed up with a local ISP who gave customers free web space. The rest is history.

What started out as a hobby grew to become a business.

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